The Disappearing: First Act

Photo by Tiard Schulz on Unsplash

I will not disappear so that you can feel more comfortable
I will not go away and hide
I will show up again and again

Out of sight out of mind, you say
Children should be seen and not heard, you say

Breath…In to your heart
ahh…feels better
Please close your eyes

In your breath, I sense feelings of sadness
sadness born of a belief that we are separate
that you can never be whole

Please take another deep breath
better, and yet the sad feeling lingers

You know there has never been a time in this life when I did not know you
can we be friends now?

I hold this relationship close- and stay tangled in knots
So you will never let go

Perhaps I can ride along and float
Perhaps I am not meant to get untangled by your ‘knows’ any longer

Take another breath please….yes

Or perhaps the knots are
your resistance to feeling what has been calling
Each expression that has been ignored

If you allow they will untangle
for a time…
and I will still be right here
as some may get tangled again
I promise

Accept and I will become free to be wrapped around you,
as you
only better
Like an anchor that keeps you safe in each storm
I will never leave you

Someplace deep inside you know this is true
and that is why your tears are flowing quietly at the moment.

After each release
A stillness rises

Wait, wait, wait a minute
I have a question
True or False?
For most it is near impossible to receive without an attachment to giving?
Or is it the other way around?

I want you to take another deep breath please….hahahaha
yes now we are laughing together
What a trickster
I am still here

Where did you go?

Well, I want to give myself to you unconditionally, but I can’t take that in yet…
The silence was too quiet
and I am frightened by what I think this presence will require

It is a practice
it is ok
Just breath in this notion —

Perhaps, I am simply the container for your unraveling?

Annine Massaro©2020 all rights reserved

Poetess, Anchor and Lover of the divinity of language, Champion of the Healing Power of Poetry. I write to be made whole.

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