Thank you, brother. I am an empath, medium, and natural shaman so I completely understand where you are coming from. I don't get into religious debate or discussions especially after going through 7 years of metaphysical training in my thirties after which I fully acknowledged, embraced, and integrated that all institutional religions (Including my own roman catholic upbringing) at their core share the same few, brief and simple principles of light. That the rest of what has been created has been done so by a lower vibration that wants humanity to stay stuck in fear so it can continue to feed itself. At the same time, this creates interesting stories of polarity in a 3D world. Coming through the other side of the illusion of separation has given me a deep desire to just share pieces of my journey here freely because it's been an interesting ride so far and I absolutely love, love the arts, and will continue to use painting, writing, and poetry as the instrument of divine healing it truly is.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

Poetess, Anchor and Lover of the divinity of language, Champion of the Healing Power of Poetry. I write to be made whole.

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