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I love to see you in my dreams, Pop
I am praying more regularly these days.
It’s a way for me to honor this journey of forgiveness that I am on

More and more often, I am accepting life as it comes, and it is setting me free to play…

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crash and burning into the endless night — I hold vigil as the
days fall like dominos to the beat of my drone and hollowed-out body — there is no defense left to this frenzied mind — this chained storyteller — the deft connection of heart to writing hand eviscerated— stories…

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she can’t feel pain/dermis dreams
in miles away/ infinite thickness
left to penetrate/while heavy sun-browned skin
masks an earthen shield/except for these thin winter scapes
of tits and ass/as lifeless blue lips struggle to drink
from a frozen solid bay/and golden ringed eyes
peer into see/while she listens for the…

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I had every intention of only writing a list of S.O.P’s (standard operating procedures). A logical, well-thought-out letter, limited to introducing you, my dear brother, to some new rules, a.k.a. my boundaries! This piece of paper will consist mostly of prohibited topics of discussion. …

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catchin zz’s on a city porch, deaf to the sycophantic sounds of El Farol,
not a care in the world,
a slip of silvery red lifts her head, to spot this human watcher,
curiosity frames her dreamy face, contentment oozing — she stretches in the warm, cedar tree-lined shadows


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poor you, in unrequited loves’ story

self-pity becomes you — on some other planet,
in some other universe, on some unborn galaxy —

can’t you take a hint? respect your damn self,
enough to not waste precious time — the only finite gift given —
on some idiot who can’t…

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On our knees, we sublime, prostrate ourselves to each,
human and divine

With one reverent touch, an answer to worship’s resolve,
an intoxicating residue is created, in the places

A steady gaze, our glimpse, cradles this moment,
into ecstasies footed round, a blissful movement in desire

Until we…

Photo by Alex Ware on Unsplash

No white bird cryin, just this possessed lil’ italian girl’s quiet revolution,
to escape that night, worthy of a princely price,
privileged to carry the unshed anger, the swallowed tears,

can you see me? no longer coherent, his spirit waiting for the eldest son to say goodbye,
can you hear me…

Annine Massaro original watercolor ©2021

A ceremonial some day poem

Annine Massaro

Poetess, Lover of the divinity of language, Champion of the Healing Power of Poetry. I write to be made whole.

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